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At Hencon Vacuum Technologies we continually strive to be the leader in vacuumation. We believe to be setting the pace through our Industry 4.0 initiative, HVT4.0, the driving force behind our innovative, smart and robust vacuumation systems. We design and manufacture specialised equipment for the mining and process industry. Together with the customers, we provide them the best solution with proven lowest operational costs. This is the result of combining our unique maintenance solutions with our technical designs, resulting in direct reducing the costs of operations. The advantage of Hencon Siberia is the specialization in supplying non-standard equipment designed in-house in engineering centers in the Netherlands and Russia. This provides a more flexible approach to the needs of customers, which distinguishes the company from manufacturers of serial equipment.


Molly 4.0

Molly 4.0 is the newest addition to our fleet of vacuum trucks. Molly 4.0 is different to the rest of the fleet as she is…

HVT 4.0

HVT4.0 is our two-way approach to ensuring future sustainability and competitiveness in the market. This two-way approach does not just focus on engineering value, through…


Although eliminating spillage completely is probably still some way off, there are several steps that can be taken to minimise the spillage and manage it effectively.

1. Making sure the spillages are engineered out of the conveying system as much as possible is the first step.
2. Keeping all the standard belt cleaning equipment in good working order is the next. This includes scrapers and related items.
3. And finally, ironically, keeping the area as clean as possible will reduce damage done by spillage material and allow access for regular maintenance thereby preventing even more spillages. This third step is our field of expertise.

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Hencon References


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